Pharmacies and prescriptions

Use the resources below to learn more about your plan’s Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. 

Pharmacy information

Pharmacy locations

UnitedHealthcare provides access to thousands of standard network pharmacies nationwide. This broad network of pharmacies allows you the flexibility to fill your prescription while at home or away. For added convenience, many retail pharmacies will fill a 90-day prescription. 


Mail order

Your mail order vendor will be OptumRX. To get started with OptumRX you can choose one of the following methods:

  • ePrescribe: Your doctor can send an electronic prescription to OptumRX
  • Phone: Call OptumRX at 888-279-1838
  • Online: register online after enrollment effective date at, or download the OptumRX app
  • Mail: complete order form by clicking here  and mailing it to OptumRX PO Box 2975 Mission, KS66201

Copay cards

Prescription drug copay cards cannot be used with your Medicare Advantage plan. Copay cards include disclaimer language that state that they cannot be used with Federal health care programs. Compass Rose Medicare Advantage is a Federal program.

Prescription drug information

Prescription drug lookup

Find out if the prescription drugs you take are covered by your plan. You'll need your prescription information, dosage and frequency.

Prescription drug materials