Learn more about the 2024 AT&T Medicare-eligible retiree changes.

If you are Aging into Medicare

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Did you know?

  • Many members will have lower total annual costs, even though this plan does not include an HRA1
  • Subsidized retirees will continue to receive an HRA to purchase dental and vision
  • If you’re currently enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan and new to Medicare Advantage, you can try the AT&T Group Medicare Advantage (PPO) plan for up to 1 year and still have the option to go back to your former Medicare Supplement plan and carrier on a guaranteed issue basis2
  • Members have access to over 900,000 in-network providers, and to any other Medicare provider that accepts the plan and is eligible to participate in the Medicare Program
  • More than 99.9% of members continue to have access to their chosen providers1
  • This plan has a broader formulary and pharmacy network than any individual plan1
  • Subsidized retirees continue to have no monthly premium, while non- subsidized retirees and dependents will continue to pay the same low monthly premium in 2023

12022 UnitedHealthcare Group member and provider reporting data, member utilization and individual market plan premiums.

22022 Medicare.gov, https://www.medicare.gov/supplements-other-insurance/when-can-i-buy-medigap/guaranteed-issue-rights

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