Help with medicare prescription drug costs

Medicare offers Extra Help (sometimes called Low Income Subsidy or LIS) to people with low incomes and limited assets. If you qualify, you’ll get help with drug costs that Medicare doesn't cover including your plan premium, drug deductible and prescription copays. Depending on your income and resources, you could save an average of $5,0001 per year.

Less than half of the people eligible for Extra Help sign up. If you think you might qualify, submit an application.

Do I qualify for Extra Help?

To be eligible for help with drug costs, you must:

  • Live in the United States or District of Columbia.²
  • Qualify for Medicare Part A and/or be enrolled in Medicare Part B.
  • Have less than $20,385 in annual income/$15,510 in assets (if single).³
  • Have less than $27,465 in annual income/$30,950 in assets (if married).³ 

How do I apply for Extra Help?

Find out if you qualify and learn more about applying for Extra Help at the website.

Best Available Evidence policy

The federal Best Available Evidence (BAE) policy requires that the plan adjust your subsidy if you provide updated information that changes the level of Extra Help you receive. A memo on the CMS website explains the procedures for updating a person's level of Extra Help

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