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Use the resources below to learn more about your plan’s Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. 

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UnitedHealthcare provides access to thousands of standard network pharmacies nationwide. This broad network of pharmacies gives you the flexibility to fill your prescription while at home or away. For added convenience, many retail pharmacies will fill a 90-day prescription. To get your short-term medication, (30-day supply or less), take your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. Using a network pharmacy may lower your costs and the pharmacy will submit the claim for you. You may pay more if you use an out-of-network pharmacy.

For instructions on how to submit your prescriptions to the mail order pharmacy, please review the Mail Order Brochure. Some participating HealthSelect Medicare Rx retail pharmacies are part of the Extended Days Supply (EDS) retail network and will fill a long-term medication (31- to 90-day supply) at the same price as the mail order pharmacy. For a listing of the pharmacies in this network, please see the EDS Pharmacy List

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Find out if the prescription drugs you take are covered by your plan. You'll need your prescription information, dosage and frequency.

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